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On the House

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Cambridge’s Commonwealth Will ‘Hibernate’ for the Duration of the Pandemic

Chef Nookie Will Figure Out the Maze From Here to Retirement in 10 Years

The Soul of Crema Cafe Will Live on in Revival Cafe

Nookie’s Not-So-Newborn Restaurant Is No Longer a Pit of Despair

A Newborn Restaurant Is a Deep Pit of Misery and Despair

Opening Revival Alewife Was a Vicious Challenge

Don’t Ask Nookie When Revival Alewife Is Going to Open

A Million Things May Go Wrong During a Restaurant Opening, but It’s How You React That Counts

Surround Yourself With Smart People When Opening a Restaurant

There’s No Room for Negativity in the Restaurant Business

The Restaurant Business Will Chew You up and Spit You Out

Opening Restaurants Takes You to Deep, Dark Places

Opening a Restaurant (or Three) Means Almost Barfing When Writing Monster Checks

Opening Three Restaurants at Once Is Almost-Pooping-Your-Pants-on-a-Roller-Coaster Exciting

Branding Is Tough, and Grease Traps Are Nightmares

Nookie Gets on a Crazy New Roller Coaster of Restaurant Openings

On the House: Flakes of Snow, a Quiet Hum, and the Next Chapter

On the House: From Someday to Any Day, Juliet Is Almost Here

On the House: A Rare Thanksgiving With Family While Waiting for the Floors to Dry

On the House: Abandoning Autopilot and Nearing the Start Line

On the House: An Old Dream Finally Begins to Take Shape

On the House: The Importance of Flexibility and Listening

On the House: A Time for Spreadsheets; a Time for Travel

This stream has:

On the House: The Opening of Juliet in Somerville's Union Square

On the House: Dust and Demolition Signal a New Beginning at the Future Home of Juliet

Nookie Reflects on Commonwealth's First Year, One Long Damn Year

Nookie's Dream (or Nightmare) Has Come True

Wish Nookie Luck: Commonwealth Is Here

Nookie Might Need a New Pair of Pants

Nookie is Feeling Bittersweet

Nookie Nears the Finish Line

Nookie Imagines a Chariot of Floating Blue Urinal Biscuits