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Pastries at Loyal Nine
Pastries at Loyal Nine
Rachel Leah Blumenthal for Eater

Boston's Best Brunch Dishes, According to Restaurant Industry Folks

For Breakfast Week, Boston bartenders and chefs reveal their favorite brunch dishes in town.

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Pastries at Loyal Nine
| Rachel Leah Blumenthal for Eater

For Breakfast Week, Boston bartenders and chefs reveal their favorite brunch dishes in town. This is the sixth installment of the Breakfast Week Q&A collection.

Note: Map points are listed alphabetically, not ranked.

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3 Little Figs

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"I love the egg sandwiches at Three Little Figs!" —Joe Cassinelli, chef/owner of Alpine Restaurant Group (Posto, Osteria Posto, Painted Burro, Rosebud)

"My favorite breakfast dishes are sweet and on-the-go. It's a tie between the brown butter hazelnut doughnut from Union Square Donuts and the lavender biscuit — with a cappuccino — from 3 Little Figs." —Mary Ting Hyatt, baker/owner of Bagelsaurus

3 Little Fig's egg and feta sandwich/Rachel Leah Blumenthal for Eater

Abe & Louie's

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"Nothing starts my Sunday off better than the steak and eggs at Abe and Louie's." —Ben Weisberger, chef de cuisine of No. 9 Park

"I am obsessed with the bruleed grapefruit at Abe and Louie's." —Amanda McLaughlin, general manager of Tico

Abe & Louie's steak and eggs/Fouad E. on Yelp

Angela's Café

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"The chilaquiles, half red, half green sauce." —Marga Raffucci, executive chef of Sorellina

Angela's Cafe's chilaquiles with green sauce/Facebook

Audubon Boston

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"I can’t say enough about the barbecue pork hash at Audubon. It's a must — and one of my favorites if I have the time to go to brunch." —Jeremy Sewall, chef/partner of Lineage, Island Creek Oyster Bar, and Row 34

Ball Square Cafe

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"Pear and goat cheese-stuffed French toast." —Carla Pallotta, co-owner/co-chef of Nebo Cucina & Enoteca

Fig and goat cheese-stuffed French toast/Instagram

Barcelona Wine Bar (Brookline)

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"The braised oxtail hash at Barcelona Brookline is my favorite dish to have with some sangria perfection." —Jeff Williams, executive chef of Chopps American Bar and Grill

Barcelona's braised oxtail hash/Twitter

Boston Chops

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"Beef tongue hash." —Kevin Murphy, general manager of Parsnip Restaurant & Lounge

Boston Chops' brisket, shank, and tongue hash with poached egg, frites, cheese curds, and gravy/Provided

Bostonia Public House

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"Duck confit toast." —David Verdo, executive chef of Outlook Kitchen and Bar

Bostonia's duck confit toast/Facebook

Brewer's Fork

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"Dude Bro — Moody's pork roll, Fornax English muffin, American cheese, spicy ketchup, fried egg, duck fat home fries." —Joshua Smith, chef/owner of Moody's Delicatessen and The Backroom

Dude Bro/Instagram

Buddy's Diner

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"I don't do breakfast out too often. I love to cook eggs, and I love leftovers, so eggs and leftovers usually equal breakfast for me. But the perfect breakfast out for me is an egg on a bulkie roll with a breakfast sausage, always a patty, and really melty cheese. I probably cooked about 10,000 of these before I was sixteen. I don't want that all the time, but when i do...there's no substitute. I like to get mine at Buddy's, a diner just outside Union Square." —Josh Lewin, co-owner of Juliet

Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe

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"Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe is my favorite place for breakfast. You can’t go wrong with any of Evan’s griddle cakes, and it is such a special place in Boston." —Dante de Magistris, chef/owner of Restaurant Dante, Il Casale Cucina Italiana, and Il Casale Cucina Campana

"Turkey hash from Charlie's." —Gregory Torrech, executive chef of The Beehive

Charlie's turkey hash/Yelp


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"I love the chicken and waffles with sausage gravy at Commonwealth." —Jason Maynard, executive chef of Mistral

"Chilaquiles." Gregory Weinstock, general manager of Salvatore’s (Theatre District)

Commonwealth's chicken and waffles/Nina S. on Yelp

"To me, a perfect brunch includes charcuterie. My favorite place to hang out all afternoon and stuff myself with cured pork is Coppa in the South End. The rotating menu is always amazing! Add in a couple orders of the mortadella pimento formaggio crostini, and I am a happy man." —Nick Deutmeyer, chef de cuisine at Post 390

Demet's Donuts

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"The Xtreme Breakfast sandwich and a butternut doughnut from Demet's Donuts on Mystic Ave." —Joe Carli, chef at Posto

Demet's butternut doughnut/Twitter

Eastern Standard

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"Quiche Alsacienne." —Marja Ferreira, beverage manager at Brew Cafe in District Hall

Forge Baking Company

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"Toast at Forge Bakery. I grew up in Portugal with really great bread, and all I want in the morning is toast with lots of butter and strong coffee. Forge delivers both." —Ines Santos, general manager of The Salty Pig

Forge's Toast Plate comes with choice of bread (or English muffin, pictured) and three toppings/Rachel Leah Blumenthal for Eater

Hei La Moon

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"I can’t get enough of the pan-seared taro and cheese bacon cake with hoisin at Hei La Moon." —Michael Scelfo, chef/owner of Alden & Harlow

"Hei La Moon dim sum...everything on offer, but especially pork hum bao and all the assorted dumplings." Leah Nadel, Tyler Sundet, and Alon Munzer, respectively chef de cuisine, chef/partner, and partner of State Park

A variety of dishes at Hei La Moon/Rachel Leah Blumenthal for Eater

Highland Kitchen

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"My favorite brunch dish in Boston has to be Highland Kitchen's buttermilk pancakes. So warm, decadent, and buttery. They top it with a simple and delicious bourbon maple syrup that, I think, they crack a fresh vanilla bean into when they make it fresh in the morning, which takes it to the next level. It’s stupid good. Have fun waiting in their hour line every Sunday — though well worth it!" —Shayne Nunes, executive chef of Foundry on Elm and Saloon

Highland Kitchen's pancakes/Sophie P. on Yelp

Loyal Nine

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"I just had a great brunch at Loyal Nine. Their breakfast pastries were some of the best I have had in a long time, and maybe the best ever. The pastries were followed by a killer piece of scrapple with pork trotter gravy — both excellent." —Patrick Campbell, executive chef of Cafe ArtScience

Loyal Nine's pork lard cookie and whey bun/Rachel Leah Blumenthal for Eater

McKenna's Cafe

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"My favorite is the Irish breakfast at McKenna’s in Savin Hill, Dorchester. It’s the perfect hangover cure with just the right amount of carbs and fat." —Daniel Bojorquez, chef/owner of La Brasa

Mike & Patty's

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"'The Fancy' at Mike & Patty’s: two fried eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese, avocado, red onions and house mayo on toasted lggy's multigrain bread." —Robert Tobin, chef of Aura and TAMO Bistro & Bar at the Seaport Hotel

"Mike & Patty's is really comfortable and relaxing. When I go there, I like to keep it simple — I usually order something fairly traditional like scrambled eggs and toast." —Greg Jordan, executive chef of The Quarry

The Fancy at Mike & Patty's/Official Site

Mike's City Diner

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"Corned beef hash with poached eggs." —Jason Santos, chef/owner of Abby Lane and Back Bay Harry's

"The corned beef hash at Mike's City Diner is the best hash in the city, hands down." —Angela Lamb, general manager at Coda

"I love the home-made corned beef hash at Mike's Diner." —Nick Calias, executive chef of Brasserie Jo

Corned beef hash/Yelp


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"I love Mistral's rosemary is one of my favorite parts of going there for brunch. Their rosemary ham and gruyere omelette is delicious." —Erica Keefe, executive chef of Five Horses Tavern (South End)

"The duck hash." —Mike Wyatt, general manager and beverage director of Ward 8

"Baked-to-order sticky buns at Mistral. So gooey and warm! It is often my birthday request to get sticky buns at Mistral." —Molly Hanson, executive pastry chef at Grill 23 & Bar and Post 390

"The classic benedict with smoked pork loin or the lemon poppy seed pancakes topped with ricotta at Mistral." —Salvatore Boscarino, co-owner of Pier 6

Rosemary ham and gruyere omelette/Provided

Myers + Chang

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"The pork pineapple fried rice with a fried egg." —Marga Raffucci, executive chef of Sorellina

"Dumplings and Szechuan pork dan dan noodles at Myers and Chang. This is a staple for my wife Aimee and me." —Mitchell Randall, executive chef at Ostra

"Myers and Chang. Dan dan noodles and tea-smoked ribs. Yes, please." —Kyle Crusius, chef de cuisine at The Chubby Chickpea

Myers + Chang's pork and pineapple fried rice (nasi goreng)/Alon R. on Yelp

Neighborhood Restaurant

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"The Portuguese Breakfast at The Neighborhood reigns supreme over all other breakfast dishes in town." —Patrick Gilmartin, executive chef of River Bar

Portugeuse breakfast at The Neighborhood/Official Site

Puritan & Co.

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"I like the beef patty melt with egg and bacon at Puritan & Co." —Jay Murray, executive chef of Grill 23 & Bar

"Having a sweet tooth, I love all of the pastries at Puritan and Co." —Justin Shoults, executive chef of BRINE

Puritan & Co.'s patty melt/Instagram

S&S Restaurant

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"I go for a sandwich with salmon spread with cucumbers, capers, and red onions from S&S in Inman Square." —Katrina Jazayeri, co-owner of Juliet

Sofra Bakery & Cafe

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"Sofra's Persian style herb omelette. It has so many herbs in it that it's green and tastes fresh and vibrant, and the texture is great — thin layers of perfectly set custard folded over each other." —Diana Kudajarova, chef/co-owner ofJourneyman, Backbar, Ames Street Deli, and Study

"I love the shakshuka from Sofra." —Matt Jennings, chef/owner of Townsman

"The Turkish breakfast." Katrina Jazayeri, co-owner of Juliet

Sofra's savory French toast with avocado and feta/Facebook

State Park

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"Definitely the foie gras toad in a hole at State Park!" —Sam Treadway, co-owner and bar manager of Journeyman, Backbar, Ames Street Deli, and Study

State Park's foie gras toad in the hole/Provided

Steel and Rye

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"Huevos rancheros." —Andy Husbands, chef/owner of The Smoke Shop (coming soon), Tremont 647, and Sister Sorel

Steel & Rye's carne asada con huevos/Provided

The Bristol Lounge

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"Lemon ricotta hotcakes." —Christine Pallotta, co-owner/co-chef of Nebo Cucina & Enoteca

Lemon ricotta hotcakes/Yelp (via business owner)

The Druid

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"I love the Irish Breakfast at the Druid in Cambridge. It’s so salty and rich all at once with so many things going on the plate. When I can get out for a Saturday or Sunday that I’m not cooking brunch, it’s my standard go-to." —Matthew Barre, executive chef of The Tap Trailhouse

The Druid's Irish breakfast/Daisy G. on Yelp

The Gallows

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"I'm a big fan of the pulled pork stuffed corn muffin at The Gallows in the South End. It's really delicious." —Joshua Brooks, chef de cuisine at Catalyst

The Gallows' pulled pork corn muffin/Sonia Q. on Yelp

"The chilaquiles at Toro always hit the spot for me." —Josh Turka, executive chef of The Salty Pig

Toro's chilaquiles/Instagram

Tremont 647

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"Tremont 647 kills it with their home-made pop tarts." —Ashley Santos, sous chef at Trade

A Tremont 647 pop tart/Facebook

Trina's Starlite Lounge

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"I haven’t been out to brunch recently, but I was on a Trina’s Starlite Lounge industry brunch kick for a while, and I went with the chicken on a biscuit route several times. My breakfast usually takes place at the restaurant in the morning when my early crew is testing new things." —Matt Drummond, executive chef of Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar

"Starlite. You got the best hash brown, ever. EVER. Thank you, Suzi!" —Ashley Santos, sous chef at Trade

"Biscuits and gravy." —Marja Ferreira, beverage manager at Brew Cafe in District Hall

Trina's chicken on a biscuit/Instagram

"Anything at Tupelo. They put so much attention into every detail of every dish. It's not only the best brunch I've tried in Boston but anywhere I've lived or visited." —Jonathan Kopacz, executive chef of Brass Union