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Buzzy Back Bay Newcomer Faccia Brutta Changes Its Name to Avoid Conflict

One of Greater Boston’s Best Thai Restaurants Is Moving

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Mario Batali Faces New Sexual Assault Allegation in Upcoming Documentary

Chinatown’s Excellent Eldo Cake Shop Is Closed

Brookline’s Beloved Japonaise Bakery Will Emerge From Its Long Hiatus Later This Year

A 36-Year Old Indian Restaurant Finds New Footing at Cambridge Crossing

Aerosmith Frontman Steven Tyler Dined at the Barking Crab

Legal Sea Foods Plots a Comeback in Kendall Square

Michael’s Deli Celebrates 45 Years in the Corned Beef Business With Bubbles

The Popular Carbonara From Bygone Boston Restaurant Erbaluce Resurfaces at Alcove

The Boston Area Sees Two Alleged Mask-Related Assaults This Week

Painted Burro Will Expand to the Former Border Cafe Space in Harvard Square

The Sav-Mor Sign Is Dead; Long Live the Sav-Mor Sign

Sweet Cheeks Is Raffling Off a Lifetime Supply of Biscuits for Its 10th Birthday

They’re Adding Fluffernutter to the Dictionary

A Proposed Taco Bell Cantina — Supposedly Without Booze — Meets Opposition in South Boston