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Provincetown Icon the Lobster Pot Is Up for Sale for $14 Million

Plus, chef Charles Draghi is moving on from Alcove — and more intel

People walk by a building with white siding and a large red sign out front that reads “the Lobster Pot” on a sunny day.
The Lobster Pot in Provincetown.
Paul Marotta/Getty Images
Erika Adams is the editor of Eater Boston.

Tim McNulty, the owner and chef behind Provincetown icon the Lobster Pot, is putting the restaurant up for sale for $14 million. The Boston Globe reports that the listing, which includes the building, equipment, and well-recognized brand, went up earlier this week, on Tuesday, January 17.

“We’ve done this our whole lives, we’re just getting a little older, and so it’s time to start thinking about that,” McNulty told the Globe. His family has owned the restaurant for the past 44 years, and McNulty himself has been a chef there since graduating high school. He hopes that the new owner will continue to run the Lobster Pot in its same form — and that he’ll be able to stay on as a chef if the new owner is willing, according to the Globe.

Chef Charles Draghi has bowed out of Alcove

Draghi announced on Facebook earlier this month that he was leaving Alcove, the West End restaurant where he has run the kitchen for the past year. No word yet on his next move, but fellow Alcove colleague, chef Nicki Hobson, will be taking over Draghi’s position at the restaurant.

Witchy Back Bay bar Hecate refreshes its cocktail menu

The bar launched “Volume II” this week, debuting their second cocktail list since opening last year. The drinks “are inspired by the occult” with ingredients “based on cultural heritages spanning the globe,” according to a press rep. That translates into cocktails like the Emerald Tablet (named after the Hermetic text), which is a Bee’s Knees and gimlet hybrid with Porcera gin, fig leaf cordial, ras el hanout honey, black lime, and starchy aquafaba.