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Small artistic-looking pastries made of pistachios, pinenuts, dried roses, and more are displayed on a white marble board.
A selection of nut-based confections at Yafa Bakery & Cafe.

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Somerville’s New Yafa Bakery & Cafe Offers an Artistic Taste of the Mediterranean

Fresh breads, beautiful confections, and stuffed dates galore draw inspiration from Jerusalem to Kairouan

Chocolate-covered dates embellished with 24-karat gold; fluffy honey-soaked buns with orange, cranberry, and coconut; delicate confections made of pine nuts or pistachio; a refreshing citrus drink with mint leaves and ginger — visitors to Somerville’s new Yafa Bakery & Cafe will find these items and plenty more flavors of the Mediterranean, all meant to adhere to the slogan “artfully delicious.”

Owner Abdulla Awad is a serial entrepreneur with his hands in a variety of industries, but above all, he’s creative, hinted at by the aforementioned slogan and by his own elegant artwork on the walls of the cafe, including, for example, Arabic calligraphy drawn in the shape of a horse. Speaking about his new business, Awad stresses beauty (“yafa” means beautiful in Hebrew and Aramaic) and originality, and the scratch-made treats are as eye-catching as the art.

Four pastries made of crispy strings are topped with dried rose petals and displayed on a sculpture made of thick wooden branches.
Yafa Bakery & Cafe’s crispy baked kanafeh is filled with cream mixed with honey syrup and orange blossom water.
Rows of bite-sized baked pastries have a delicate ridged pattern, almost like a braid. They sit on white paper in a pastry case.
Yafa Bakery & Cafe’s qairawan, named for the Tunisian city of Kairouan, are made of intricately shaped, honey-soaked semolina dough with a filling of dates, orange blossom water, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

Awad, who originally hails from Jerusalem but has spent many years in and around Somerville, is serving a large variety of savory and sweet breads and other treats inspired by his hometown and beyond. In particular, outside of Jerusalem, the Yafa Bakery & Cafe menu plays with ingredients and ideas from Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, France, and Italy, says Awad. “The entire theme is very much Mediterranean, but those specific places,” he says. “You can get a sense of the similarities in terms of the ingredients — but with a twist that makes it more unique.”

While the new bakery is already offering a fairly substantial spread of items — just take one look at the case of confections and see many chocolate-covered dates stuffed with a variety of fillings, for example — Awad says that he and his team are still ramping up to the full menu, which will likely debut around early July.

A shelf in a pastry case features a variety of plump dates, covered in milk or white chocolate and garnished with nuts, gold flakes, and more.
Yafa Bakery & Cafe offers a variety of chocolate-covered dates with different fillings of nuts, citrus, and more.

Still to come: more breads, including a dark chocolate and cinnamon bread Awad expects will be a bestseller; light vegetarian sandwiches; more sweets, including a surprise that Awad promises will be very “authentic,” something not really seen in the Greater Boston area but found in Jerusalem and Turkey; chai karak with saffron and cardamom; and gluten-free breads. (The layout of the facility doesn’t allow for a dedicated gluten-free prep space, he notes, so these items would be geared toward those limiting gluten but not those who need to strictly avoid cross-contamination.)

The forthcoming sandwiches aren’t meant to be heavy, says Awad — just medium-sized, enough to “get you going to have space for something sweet as well.” There will be about a dozen available, featuring fillings like labneh and za’atar or cucumber, mint, and hummus. A sandwich made with the cheese haloumi, he notes, will be served in a shape sort of like an ice cream cone. “Whatever we will be producing would suit our cause of ‘artfully delicious,’” he says. “It has to be unique and artistic, yet definitely tasty.”

There will also be a few retail items available in the near future. Awad is already stocking some jars of honey from the Do’an Valley in Yemen — “the most famous country in the world to produce honey,” he says — and will later add jars of za’atar and various pickles, both made in-house.

Four sesame seed-coated bread rings that look like oblong bagels are stacked on a plate that looks like a slice of a birch tree.
Yafa Bakery & Cafe’s Jerusalem bread is best enjoyed fresh from the oven with a side of za’atar.
A small, browned, round flatbread sits on a paper plate on an orange surface with two small plastic cups, one with cream cheese and one with honey.
Awad recommends eating Yafa Bakery & Cafe’s butter bread with honey or cream cheese (or both).
Several rolls shaped almost like croissants are well-covered with a multi-seed blend.
Yafa Bakery & Cafe’s mataro bread is sprinkled with flax, chia, hemp, and sesame seeds.

Even with so much more to come, Yafa Bakery & Cafe already has a lot to offer, whether a customer wants to grab a quick espresso and pastry for their morning commute (the 83 and 87 bus routes stop right outside the door) or settle in at one of the three tables for a hot tea with mint and a ring of sesame-topped Jerusalem bread fresh from the oven, its light sweetness complemented by the herby zip of a side of za’atar. Get anything that just came out of the oven, in fact, especially if it’s the Morocco-inspired butter bread — a flatbread packed with buttery layers and best eaten with honey, cream cheese, or both.

Located in the former Finesse Pastries space at 594 Somerville Avenue, Yafa Bakery & Cafe is right at the crossroads of several major Somerville and Cambridge neighborhoods, and that’s just the way Awad likes it. “It’s a diverse community,” he says. “That, to me, is very crucial.”

It’s not a huge space, but the team makes everything from scratch onsite in what Awad has dubbed “the culinary art lab,” going back to Yafa’s slogan. “Made with love, for sure,” says Awad.

A small, bright cafe with white walls features a brightly lit confection case and other counter space with breads and treats displayed. A logo that looks like an orange appears in several places and reads “Yafa.”
Yafa Bakery & Cafe in Somerville.

Yafa Bakery & Cafe is located at 594 Somerville Avenue, Somerville, between Porter and Union squares. It’s currently open seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (5 p.m. on Sundays). Its website isn’t up and running yet, but follow on Instagram for updates.

Yafa Bakery & Cafe

594 Somerville Avenue, , MA 02143 (617) 616-5310 Visit Website
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