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That Liquor Store With the Great Signs Is Expanding to Assembly Row

Plus, Union Square Donuts and Juicygreens are also expanding to Assembly Row, and more news

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Old signage reads Sav-Mor Liquors, Discount Liquors. Underneath, there’s a white board with black lettering that can be changed out. It currently reads “Now selling vodka flavored vodka.”
Several of Sav-Mor’s locations are known for their fun signage (and cheap booze).

Welcome back to AM Intel, a round-up of mini news bites to kick off the day.

Booze, Doughnuts, and Juice Head for Assembly Row

A few years back, watching the Sav-Mor Liquors letter board sign in Somerville go to battle with the McDonald’s sign across the street was one of life’s small pleasures for those passing by the Somerville location of the discount liquor store on McGrath Highway. Sav-Mor’s Somerville and Medford locations have both been having fun with their signs for years, changing them up for holidays or current events or just about anything. (“Now octopus free,” Sav-Mor Somerville once declared.)

The small local chain, which also includes Sav-Mor Spirits in Cambridge and Locke Liquors in Malden, dates back to 1961. It’s expanding within Somerville in the coming months, opening soon at the ever-growing Assembly Row development. A rep says that there has been some discussion of signage at the new location; while nothing has been finalized yet, it’s likely customers will “see something to continue the tradition in some way.”

Somerville’s Union Square Donuts will also expand to Assembly Row in the next few months. In addition to its namesake Union Square store, the local doughnut company also has a storefront in Brookline and kiosks at Time Out Market Boston and Boston Public Market.

And Jamaica Plain’s Juicygreens, a juice bar and cafe, is also on deck for Assembly Row expansion in the near future, along with its forthcoming location at Hub Hall, the West End food hall opening later this year.

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