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East Cambridge Is Hanging on to the Iconic ‘Live Poultry Fresh Killed’ Sign

Plus, Toast is going public, and more news

One-story storefront in a brick building with signage that reads “Mayflower Poultry” and “Live Poultry Fresh Killed.” A large pile of dirty snow is in front of the store.
Mayflower Poultry’s East Cambridge storefront, photographed in 2008.
Tim Bean/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Welcome back to AM Intel, a round-up of mini news bites to kick off the day.

East Cambridge Business Association Plans to Keep Iconic Sign in the Neighborhood

With longtime East Cambridge storefront Mayflower Poultry Co. closing, fans of its iconic “Live Poultry Fresh Killed sign were sad to see it go — but it won’t be going far. The physical sign and its trademarked design went up for auction last week, and the East Cambridge Business Association won both for a total of $22,500. The association — a nonprofit that represents businesses throughout East Cambridge and Inman Square — is reportedly coordinating with city officials in hopes of putting the sign up somewhere in public, and new merch with the design is in the works.

“Such [a] great symbol of Cambridge Street and the small business community,” the association posted on social media prior to the auction. “We don’t want to see it hidden away.”

In Other News...

  • Boston-based POS system Toast — which is widely used throughout the local (and beyond) restaurant industry for online ordering, takeout, and delivery, as well as payroll and more — has filed paperwork to go public.
  • Here’s a fun excerpt from The Secret History of Food by Matt Siegel on how ice cream became the ultimate comfort food. The book comes out tomorrow.
  • From adult vitamins to CBD and THC versions, gummies have come a long way from the candy aisle. But how did we get to this place?

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