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Several Local Ice Cream Makers Ramp Up Distribution

Plus, a local pierogi company is now distributing to every Big Y store, and more news

Overhead view of a jumble of ice cream pints with black, white, and bright pink art and a cursive pink logo reading New City Microcreamery
New City Microcreamery pints
New City Microcreamery [Official Photo]

Welcome back to AM Intel, a round-up of mini news bites to kick off the day.

Local Ice Cream Makers Land Distribution Deals (and More Ice Cream News)

Popular Hudson-based ice cream shop New City Microcreamery, which expanded to Cambridge in 2018 and started selling pints at some local specialty grocery shops in 2020, has just upped its game with pint distribution to Whole Foods locations in Sudbury, Shrewsbury, and Westford. Seven flavors are available, including cake batter, key lime pie, salted cookies and cream, vanilla bourbon, and more; they’re $9.99 for a pint.

In other local frozen dessert news, Deena Jalal, founder of Boston’s vegan ice cream shop chain Fomu, has teamed up with manufacturer and distributor New England Ice Cream to create a separate vegan frozen dessert company, Sweet Tree Creamery. The five flavors (dark chocolate, chocolate chip cookie dough, and more) are made with a coconut milk base. Distribution has begun to local restaurants and ice cream shops, and quarts will be available at $9.99 apiece at various grocery stores around New England later this summer.

Plus, more ice cream news: New York-based dessert chain Milk Bar, which has a location in Cambridge, is delivering pints of Belated Birthday ice cream via Postmates throughout the month of July. The flavor features Milk Bar’s Cereal Milk soft serve, fudge sauce, cake pieces and crumbles, and sprinkles.

Ok, one more: New York-based chain OddFellows Ice Cream Co., which expanded to Chestnut Hill in 2019, is now selling — and shipping — a collection called “the Boozy Capsule,” featuring six booze-infused ice creams based on cocktails from top bars. There’s Death & Co.’s Buko Gimlet, for example: coconut water sorbet infused with gin, cachaça, coconut liqueur, lime, and pandan. Flavors are available at $13.50 per tub at the Chestnut Hill location (and New York locations), and the collection also ships nationwide for $90 (discounted to $79 at press time). The company is donating 10% of proceeds from this collection to Another Round Another Rally, which provides aid to hospitality workers.

...and There’s Local Pierogi Distribution News, Too

Local Polish food company Jaju Pierogi (which used to have a storefront in Somerville) is increasing its already sizable distribution to include all Big Y locations, starting this month. Jaju’s distributed flavors include potato and cheese; sweet potato and caramelized onion; cabbage and mushroom; spinach and feta; and jalapeno cheddar. (Other flavors occasionally pop up at special events and farmers market appearances.)

In Other News...

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