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The Owners of the Biscuit, a Former Somerville Bakery, Will Take Over the KO Pies Space in August

The new restaurant will be called Seabiscuit, and it’ll continue to offer KO’s now-iconic Australian meat pies

French toast, two lattes, and a sandwich sit on a table, adjacent an iPhone and a set of car keys
A spread from Seabiscuit
Seabiscuit [Official Photo]

It’s been known for some time now that KO Catering and Pies owner Sam Jackson was looking to sell his business and move back to his native Australia. Initially, the plan was to sell by the end of 2019, but that timeline got stretched out a bit, and Jackson eventually resolved to sell by the end of 2021.

That plan is a reality now: Andrew and Greta Platt, who operated a bakery called the Biscuit in Somerville before it closed at the end of 2019, are in the process of buying Jackson’s liquor license — a process that should be complete by August — and will open Seabiscuit in KO’s place. The Platts are using the crowdfunding platform NuMarket to help raise funds for their new venture.

When Jackson listed his restaurant for sale in January 2021, he told that a future buyer was getting either “a little piece of my soul, and all the recipes and all the secrets that I have around the meat pie world” or his “beer and wine license, which is a fully transferable, seven-day Boston beer and wine license, and all the applicable assets that we have, plus a tried and tested location that has become, dare I say, a bit of a legendary landmark in the Greater Boston dining scene. I’m comfortable either way.”

Well, it seems as though the Platts will be getting both — in addition to its own lineup of baked goods, salads, soups, sandwiches, and coffee drinks, Seabiscuit will continue offering KO’s iconic Australian meat pies.

“For us, this is exciting, and a real challenge,” says Andrew Platt. “My wife, Greta, and I were looking for something to knock us out of our comfort level, but also reflect on what we’ve been known for and doing for a very, very long time ... Sam’s been doing a great job these last 10 years, and we’re hopeful to capture his present clientele and bring in new customers, too.”

For Jackson, it’s clear that finding buyers who were interested in continuing to make his pies was an important consideration.

“It was a huge drawcard for us, the landlords, and many of our mates, knowing that the pies would be living on,” says Jackson. “Greta and Andrew are very experienced operators and bakers. It means a lot to me personally knowing the product is in such good hands.”

“The way I try to explain it is that the Seabiscuit team will be building on the KO blueprint that we have here and putting their own unique spin on things, while not neglecting the thing that has made KO such a destination — the pies,” continues Jackson. “Adding things like a real coffee and pastry program is huge for Eastie, and in particular for here in Jeffries Point. The landlords are all about providing more amenities for their tenants and surrounding neighbors, which include the obvious — Downeast Cider, the ICA watershed — but also for their marina guests and the lesser known but equally important tenants who are here grafting away from the early hours each and every day.”

As for the Platts, they’re thrilled to finally find a new location after looking for as long as they did, to be joining such a vibrant community (with excellent views!), and to carry on the KO legacy.

“We’d spent the last two years scouting out a new location in Somerville and Cambridge for our bakery, the Biscuit, striking out repeatedly,” says Andrew Platt. “We’d been to KO multiple times over the years, and loved what they did, the whole vibe. East Boston is a beautiful place — so close to our home in Somerville, yet seemingly a universe away.”

When KO Pies closes, it will be the end of a very beloved era. At least the pies aren’t going anywhere.

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