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The Boston Black Restaurant Challenge Returned This Week

Plus, Massachusetts increases capacity caps for restaurants, but its restaurant workers aren’t eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine yet

A brick building with a black, red, and white sign that reads “Cesaria,” backdropped by a pale blue sky.
Cesaria is one of many Black-owned restaurants on state Rep. Chynah Tyler’s list to patronize during the Boston Black Restaurant Challenge
Jae’da Turner/Eater

The Boston Black Restaurant Challenge returned this week, encouraging Bostonians to patronize at least one Black-owned restaurant per week throughout February in honor of Black History Month. In previous years, the organizers encouraged Bostonians to dine out at Black-owned restaurants, however the focus this year is on takeout and delivery due to the pandemic, which has disproportionately impacted Black and Latino communities.

The initiative was initially launched in 2018 by state Rep. Chynah Tyler. In an Instagram post announcing this year’s rendition, Tyler wrote:

Despite Black-owned businesses being the backbone of our community, we know that Black-owned restaurants are significantly more likely to close down in their first year of operation. Through this challenge it is my goal to expose you to some fantastic restaurants this month and to create year-round supporters Black-owned restaurants across Boston.

Tyler posted a list of suggested restaurants to patronize during the Boston Black Restaurant Challenge, which can be found here.

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