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Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto Opens His First Boston Restaurant at Hub Hall

Momosan debuts on October 15 at the new food hall in Boston’s West End, serving ramen and lots more

Closeup shot of a bowl of ramen with ground pork, a thick yellow-orange broth, a runny egg, and other toppings.
Tan-tan ramen from Momosan.

Boston’s newest food hall — Hub Hall at the Hub on Causeway development by TD Garden — opened last month, minus a couple of its 18 food and drink vendors, but today marks the opening of one more vendor there: Momosan. From Iron Chef’s Masaharu Morimoto, it’s a sit-down ramen-and-more restaurant amid all the fast-casual kiosks of the food hall.

The ramen selection spans multiple styles. There’s tonkotsu, for example, featuring a pork broth and chashu pork, but there’s also a bowl with a creamy chicken broth base, a vegan spicy miso, a spicy tan-tan with a sesame broth and miso ground pork, and more.

Kushiyaki and other bar snacks join ramen on the extensive menu, as well as some larger entrees and rice bowls; look for dishes like pan-fried pork gyoza, soft shell bao, and hamachi tacos, not to mention a roasted half Peking duck and several preparations of A5 wagyu for those who like a fancier pregame meal before whatever event they’ll be attending at the Garden. There’s booze, too, including sake, beer, and more.

Battered soft shell crab legs stick out the sides of a soft bao bun. It’s garnished with sliced cucumbers and lettuce.
Soft shell bao from Momosan.

Later in the year, Momosan will add a takeout sushi counter, lunch service, and reservations, but for now, it’s operating from 4 to 10 p.m. Thursday through Monday and taking walk-ins only.

Momosan joins a big lineup of food options at Hub Hall: New Haven-style and Roman-style pizza from the Mida team; new locations of a few small local chains, such as Cusser’s Roast Beef & Seafood and Greco; Boston icons like Mike’s Pastry and Sullivan’s Castle Island; and more. Beyond Hub Hall but also within the Hub on Causeway development, there are a couple additional options — Banners Kitchen & Tap and Guy Fieri’s Tequila Cocina.

The Hub on Causeway

100 Causeway Street, , MA 02114

Momosan Ramen Boston

Hub Hall, 80 Causeway St., Boston, MA 02114 Visit Website