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A Connecticut-Based Japanese Grocery Store and Deli Is About to Open in Brookline

Maruichi Japanese Food and Deli will fill the space left vacant by Gen Sou En tea house in Coolidge Corner

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Maruichi Japanese Food and Deli is opening in Coolidge Corner this weekend

A Japanese grocery store and deli based in West Hartford, Connecticut, is about to open an outpost in Brookline’s Coolidge Corner. According to a post on its Facebook page, Maruichi Japanese Food and Deli (299 Harvard St.) will open its doors on Saturday, February 8 at 10 a.m.

Maruichi will occupy the space left vacant by Japanese tea house Gen Sou En, which shuttered in June, 2019 after operating for about a year and a half.

Maruichi also operates a shop in Scarsdale, New York. The Connecticut and New York locations offer a mix of groceries and prepared foods, including Kewpie mayo, packaged noodles (ramen and yakisoba, for example), sushi, and bento boxes.

The Facebook page for the Brookline location indicates the Coolidge Shop will feature much of the same — it has posted images of bento boxes, sushi, and various cuts of beef.

Maruichi joins a burgeoning Japanese food scene in Coolidge Corner, which includes acclaimed ramen shop Ganko Ittetsu, as well as Gantetsu-ya, which is Ganko’s newer sibling and neighbor and serves Japanese street food.

Head to Coolidge Corner this weekend and snack on a bento box.

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Gen Sou En Tea House

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