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Want to Write for Eater Boston?

Here’s how to pitch us

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Are you obsessed with the dining scene in Massachusetts? Do you have proven journalistic chops? There might be a spot for you writing for Eater Boston, either as an occasional contributor or on a more regular basis.

We’re primarily seeking writers to contribute and update maps and guides on a freelance basis, although news and feature pitches will occasionally be considered. Before you pitch, please search the site archives to make sure that you’re sending a fresh idea. Below, find more information on how to pitch different types of stories, and a few examples of stories that were commissioned from successful freelance pitches.

Maps and guides

For maps and guides, Eater Boston’s archives are vast, and we are especially looking to update our existing content. See a neighborhood or cuisine map that hasn’t been updated in over a year? A New England travel guide that could be freshened up, and you’re an expert in the area? We want to hear from you.

We are occasionally greenlighting new maps and guides (like this essential restaurants map in Provincetown), but the pitch needs to fill a clear gap in our current coverage and be evergreen. In other words, this is a map that readers will continue to search for years down the road and can be continually updated.

News and features

Eater Boston occasionally commissions reported news and feature stories, although on a less regular basis than maps and guides. The key here is having a timely angle (why does this story need to be told right now?), a good handle on the scope of the story in the pitch (who are you going to talk to for the piece?), and the ability to demonstrate that the story brings something new to the table (has this been reported on before?).

To pitch, send a brief email to with a subject line that headlines your idea (i.e., “PITCH: Jamaica Plain Map Update”), includes a brief summary of the pitch, and tells us why you’re the best writer for the job. It’d also be great to include a little bit about yourself, any relevant professional experience, and links to a couple of previous writing samples. No childhood food memories, please — we’re more interested in the reporting skills you bring to the table.

Whether the answer is yes or no, we try to respond to all incoming pitches. Haven’t heard back in a few weeks? We welcome follow-up emails.