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A Popular Somerville Poke Shop Is Reopening

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Manoa Poke Shop is returning to its former space on Beacon Street

Overhead view of multiple restaurant dishes, including poke, on a dark table
A spread of poke and other dishes from Manoa
Manoa/Official Site

Manoa Poke Shop is reopening in Somerville on Saturday, September 28, the restaurant announced on Instagram. It will open in its former space at 300 Beacon St., near Porter Square, and to start, it will operate from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on September 28 and 29, and then again during the following weekend.

The team hasn’t yet decided on permanent hours, a Manoa manager told Eater via email, but the restaurant will likely continue to be open only on weekends.

“After [the reopening], we will assess what hours are feasible and easily maintainable for our staff,” the manager told Eater. “It will most likely stay the same, Saturdays and Sundays. No worries, though; our catering will be available seven days a week, and we will still be doing pop-ups around the great city of Boston.”

Manoa Poke Shop closed in January 2019 after operating for two years, although it has continued to pop up at various events since then. It was one of the first restaurants in the Boston area to serve the Hawaiian dish, which is now almost ubiquitous in and around the city.

When the restaurant closed, co-founder Josiah Bonsey told Boston Magazine that it had been “tough for us to consistently turn a profit while keeping our prices in the range where people wanted them to be.”

As the reopening approaches, get excited for the return of Manoa’s poke, along with some of the team’s “favorite Polynesian foods” and the fan-favorite fried chicken. (“We wouldn’t open shop if it weren’t” on the menu, Manoa wrote in response to an Instagram comment asking about the chicken.)

Update, 9/26/2019, 11:35 a.m.: This post has been updated to include information about Manoa Poke Shop’s permanent hours of operation and some details from a manager.

A plate of fried chicken with rice and pickled vegetables
Fried chicken at Manoa
Manoa/Official Site

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