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Common Ground Bar and Grill Has Closed in Allston

The bar has been a neighborhood staple since the 1990s

Common Ground in Allston has closed

Common Ground Bar and Grill closed its doors in Allston on Sunday, August 25, this time for good. The bar has long been a neighborhood hangout, popular among students and locals alike, and known for its themed dance nights and weekend brunch. General manager Ryan Piercy told the Boston Globe that the owner decided to sell the business.

“I found out at 9:30 this morning,” Piercy told the Globe. “I have no idea why.”

Owner Bob O’Guin died unexpectedly in April. Piercy told the Globe that O’Guin’s widow, Laurie O’Guin, decided to sell the business.

Common Ground shuttered temporarily when its facade collapsed in November 2018, injuring two people, including aspiring concert pianist Sonya Bandouil, who suffered a spinal fracture and a critical hand injury that led to the amputation of a finger.

Bandouil filed a lawsuit against the Common Ground with the Suffolk Superior Court in May alleging, among other things, that the restaurant’s sign was inadequately fastened to the building. Bandouil’s boyfriend Alex Pankiewicz was also injured in the collapse, and is also suing the bar and restaurant.

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