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Hot Pot Arrives in Boston’s Seaport District This Week

111 East opens down the road from its big sibling, Lola 42

King crab rangoon is available at Lola 41 and Lola 42
King crab rangoon is available at Lola 41 and Lola 42
Lola 42/Official Site

A young Seaport restaurant welcomes a sibling to the neighborhood this week: The team behind the restaurant and sushi bar Lola 42 will unveil 111 East (11 Fan Pier Blvd., Boston), an Asian bistro and hot pot restaurant, on July 5.

111 East joins not just Lola 42 but also two other siblings, Lola 41 and Lola Burger, which are on Nantucket. The new restaurant will allow customers to select lobster and crab for their meals from a live fish tank, and the hot pot portion of the menu will consist of four broths (miso, Sichuan, sofrito, and Chinese herbal) and accompanying meats, seafood, vegetables, noodles, and rice.

Additional dishes will include scallion pancake roll-ups, shrimp fresh rolls, dumplings, Korean fried chicken buns, and pork chops, plus a build-your-own noodle bowl option. The restaurant will also serve snacks and beer and wine.

Inside, 111 East has grayscale walls and flooring, with dark wood chairs and tables and a bar overlooking the kitchen.

This is the first hot pot restaurant for the Seaport neighborhood, though the city as a whole already has quite a lot of options, especially in Allston and Chinatown.

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