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Several brown pots of fresh green herbs lined up at the Seaport District location of Greco

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Greco Is About to Expand to the Seaport in a Burst of Gyros

The fast-casual Greek restaurant also has a Newbury Street location, and it’ll open downtown later this year

Herbs at Greco Seaport
| Rachel Leah Blumenthal/Eater

Gyros and loukoumas and pita will fill Boston’s Seaport District very soon with the imminent opening of Greco (styled as GreCo) at the Pier 4 office building (next to Tatte) — exact opening date to be announced any day now. The fast-casual Greek food haven joins an original location operating in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, and the duo will become a trio later this year with the opening of a downtown outpost.

Closeup shot of two side-by-side paper containers of fried dough balls. One is topped in a chocolate glaze with crushed Oreos.
Yaya’s and classic loukoumas from Greco’s original location in Back Bay
A gyro from Greco’s original location in Back Bay
A gyro from Greco’s original location in Back Bay

Where Back Bay’s restaurant has made a name for itself with a concise menu of gyros, salads, sides, dips, and sweet loukoumas, Seaport’s builds on that success, adding extra coffee options and a bit of booze to the mix. The new restaurant will serve beer and wine; Greco has secured an exclusive private label beer, which will be available on draft only, and the wine will be sourced from a mom-and-pop producer from the island of Crete where physically stomping grapes remains a critical part of the operation, rather than using machinery.

A plant grows in a vase modeled after a classic Greek diner coffee cup that says “we are happy to serve you” at Greco Seaport
Dried peppers, spices, and a Greek cookbook are on a shelf at Greco Seaport

In concert with the original restaurant, Greco Seaport will roll out an updated loukoumas menu, plus a few seasonal menu items like a new vegan mushroom gyro with caramelized onions, florina peppers, arugula, and truffle oil.

The coffee additions at the new location include a freddo cappuccino and espresso.

One portion of Greco Seaport includes tables, an olive tree mural, umbrellas, a wooden bicycle, beverage dispensers, and a variety of Greek products on shelves
To the right of the main entrance of Greco Seaport are some tables, an olive tree mural, beverage dispensers, and a pickup area for mobile orders
A view of the length of Greco Seaport, full of light wood tables and chairs and lots of natural light
The view from the right side of Greco Seaport down the length of the main dining area
The left side of Greco Seaport, including some counter seating and open kitchen space
To the left of the main entrance, there’s more seating and open kitchen space, and tucked around the corner at the far left end, there are a few more tables

The restaurant — long, narrow, and full of natural light and a clear view of the whole kitchen — features designs from RCON and Boston Design Lab, incorporating raw materials sourced from Greece (like marble and lime stone). The furniture was custom-made, and greenery adds eye-catching pops, including a large mural of an olive tree and several small real trees — olive, fig, and citronella.

A dining area tucked away at the far left end of Greco Seaport, including one large table and three small round tables along a wooden bench
This dining nook is tucked away at the far left end of the Greco Seaport space, and the wall features a Homer quote: “A guest never forgets the host who has treated him kindly.”
Herbs, spices, and more are on view in the open kitchen space at the left end of Greco Seaport
The path to the hidden nook includes a bit of open kitchen

Spanning 2,800 square feet, Greco Seaport can seat 60 (and it’ll have space for an additional 40 outside, seasonally), operating seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Savvy local workers will know to order ahead online or via the restaurant’s mobile app in order to skip the line, and those who simply want coffee or loukoumas can also accelerate their visit by heading straight to the beverage and dessert counter to the right of the main register area instead of the ordering area to the far left, which is for those who want gyros and more.

Greco’s Seaport location opens on Tuesday, July 30.

Update, July 29, 2019: This article has been updated to include an exact opening date.

A sturdy white and gray vase full of greenery in a corner at Greco Seaport
A small potted succulent plant at Greco Seaport
Greek products line shelves at Greco Seaport
Oils, spices, and more on shelves at Greco Seaport

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