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Hallelujah, the Dunkin’ (Donuts) in Government Center Is Reopening

Commuters will soon be able to get their subterranean coffee fix again — just in case they couldn’t wait to get above ground

Government Center MBTA Station 1963
Government Center has gotten quite a facelift since this photo was taken in 1963 — and soon it’ll have a new Dunkin’, too
Joseph Runci/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

There are at least 21 Dunkin’ locations in the space inside the scalene triangle made by placing points at TD Garden, Tufts Medical Center, and the New England Aquarium, according to Google Maps. It’s hard to avoid the coffee chain formerly known as Dunkin’ Donuts in any part of the city; it’s impossible to avoid the coffee chain downtown.

And yet, soon the neighborhood will boast yet another Dunkin’ outpost, this time subterranean: The kiosk located inside the Government Center T station that shuttered five years ago when the station closed for renovations is apparently on the verge of reopening.

Twitter user @HannieDoo was one of the first to point it out online, noting that it is beneath another Dunkin’:

The kiosk was a mainstay of the Government Center stop for years. The MBTA announced in March 2017 that the Dunkin’ would be making a comeback, but it’s been slow going since then, even though the reopening of the station itself was on schedule and on budget (a miracle considering Boston’s track record on transportation-related construction projects).

The shiny new signage — complete with lack of “Donuts,” following the company’s new branding — indicates that the plan to reopen the Dunkin’ kiosk remains intact, but the company hasn’t announced a timeline yet.

Soon, though, the Coolatta-swilling masses will once again be able enjoy their morning treats while stuffed inside a Blue Line or Green Line train, like so many Munchkins in a Dunkin’ box.

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