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Doughnut Pop-Up Aims for Permanence in Arlington

Mass Hole Donuts will take over for the Local Fare

A paper tray brimming with three kinds of doughnut holes topped with cinnamon sugar, caramel sauce, and plain
Apple cider doughnut holes
Mass Hole Donuts/Official Site

A doughnut pop-up that makes appearances around the Boston area will put down roots in Arlington. Mass Hole Donuts, known for serving cake- and brioche-style doughnut holes with Boston-inspired flavors, will take over the Local Fare space at 2 Lake St. in Arlington, where it will renovate the space and begin operations this summer.

Local Fare — a shared kitchen space that played host to local food pop-ups (including Mass Hole Donuts, which has used it as its kitchen space all along) — opened three years ago and announced its closure yesterday, with co-owners Michelle Wax and Caroline Olsen noting that they are moving on “to the next adventure.”

Mass Hole’s operation in Arlington will begin with catering this summer before opening to the public within the next few months — in time for cider doughnut season, co-founder and chef Alex Mansfield told Eater in an email.

“We have been doing pop-ups for about a year and a half and are super excited to have found a permanent home,” Mansfield wrote.

In that time, Mass Hole Donuts has produced dozens of flavors, including “chocolate new-berry,” a chocolate cake doughnut with vanilla glaze, Nutella, and blackberries; fried apple cider holes with either cinnamon sugar or apple caramel; and the “green monster,” a brioche doughnut hole filled with key lime curd with a green tea-white chocolate glaze.

Mass Hole Donuts isn’t the only pop-up setting up a permanent shop in Arlington right now: Daisy Chow is also opening Breadboard Bakery soon, taking over the former Commune Kitchen space at 203 Broadway, where she’ll sell her kolaches and other baked goods.

Mass Hole Donuts [Official Site]