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Revamped Downtown Crossing Restaurant Features Steak Frites

Kingston Station transformed into Kingston Grille & Bar, which transformed into Kingston Cuts, now open on Kingston Street

An overhead view of several entrees at Kingston Cuts, including steak frites, a bacon cheeseburger, and fries
Dishes from Kingston Cuts
Kingston Cuts/Official Site

Boston’s Downtown Crossing now has a restaurant dedicated to steak frites, and it’s a revamp of a revamp. Kingston Cuts — previously Kingston Grille & Bar, which was previously Kingston Station — is now open at 25 Kingston St., near Summer Street, and its attention to steak is prominent. (The change from Kingston Station to Kingston Grille & Bar in 2016 included new ownership, Boston’s Pasha entertainment and hospitality group, which is behind this newest incarnation as well. Pasha also has ties to Kava Neo-Taverna, Puro Ceviche Bar, Abby Lane, and some local nightclubs.)

At Kingston Cuts, the steak frites come in three cuts: the Kingston cut, a 10-ounce house-marinated flank steak; the Strip, a 14-ounce New York sirloin; and (not to be confused with Kingston) the King cut, a 22-ounce boneless ribeye. Kingston Cuts’ french fries are fried in beef lard and served in small or “tall” sizes.

In addition to steak frites, Kingston Cuts serves burgers of ground steak (New York sirloin, flank, and ribeye), a falafel pita, mac and cheese, various sandwiches (including a veggie burger and grilled cheese with tomato soup and truffle fries), appetizers, and salads.

A substantial beverage list at Kingston Cuts features craft beer, wine, and a selection of cocktails. Chef Gary Yanco leads the charge in the kitchen.

The restaurant currently operates from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays, with weekends reserved for special events only.

Update, 7/22, 1:15 p.m.: This story has been revised to reflect updates to the restaurant’s food and beverage menus.

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