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Longtime Tater Tot Hot Spot in Kenmore Square Says Farewell

The Lower Depths has officially closed

Glass windows, a blue sign, and white lettering overhead
The Lower Depths
The Lower Depths [Official Photo]

A beloved beer bar in Boston’s Kenmore Square that was known for its tater tots and hot dogs (and more recently tacos) has closed, at least for now. The Lower Depths (476 Commonwealth Ave., Boston) held its final night of service on Sunday, June 30, bidding farewell to the neighborhood where it had operated for 13 years.

The Lower Depths had long been a Kenmore staple, fueling college students and Fenway-goers alike. Until recently, hot dogs and tater tots dominated the food menu at the Lower Depths, complementing a lengthy list of beers, including local craft options and international selections.

In March 2017, the Lower Depths underwent a transformation as chef Brian Poe stepped in to bring a taco menu to the bar, effectively replacing the hot dog menu. Poe, along with Gordon Wilcox and Suzi Samowski (together the trio behind Bukowski Tavern in Cambridge), ended up keeping tots and a Sonoran dog on the menu after a minor uproar from die-hard fans of the subterranean bar.

The bar shared a final message on its Facebook page, writing: “And that’s a wrap. We’re moving on to some new adventures as of July 1st. Cheers to 15 amazing years and all of our awesome regulars.” Some social media chatter suggests that the bar has been sold.

Eater has reached out for more details and will provide any updates about the team and the space as they become available.

Update, July 2, 2019: It may not be the end for the Lower Depths after all, reports Boston Business Journal: Owner Gordon Wilcox told the Journal that Doug Bacon’s Red Paint Hospitality Group (the Westland, White Horse Tavern, etc.) would purchase and reopen it. (Accordingly, this article and its headline have been updated to reflect that the closure may not be permanent.)

Wilcox also reportedly noted that his group is focusing on its other restaurants, including Parish Cafe and the Tip Tap Room, while “pursu[ing] a couple new exciting opportunities that [they] hope to announce soon.” (Last summer, while planning the closure of the South End location of Parish Cafe, Wilcox told Eater that he was eyeing new locations for Parish Cafe, including in Boston’s Financial District.)

Update, July 2, 2019, 1 p.m.: An update from Boston Business Journal squashes hopes of a Lower Depths rebirth. Bacon told the publication that his group is indeed taking over the space but renovating and renaming it. It’ll open in a couple months with a new menu and look, and Bacon is hoping to serve food until 1 a.m. or 2 a.m., depending on the night.

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The Lower Depths

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