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David Chang’s Fuku Chicken Chain Could Add More Boston Locations

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The growing chain has a new CEO who is eyeing more expansion

A hand holds up a fried chicken sandwich, a large crispy patty jutting out of a squishy bun
Fuku’s fried chicken sandwich
Nick Solares/Eater

David Chang — of Momofuku and Ugly Delicious fame — opened his first Boston restaurant, an outpost of his growing fast-casual fried chicken chain, Fuku, late last year in Boston’s Seaport District.

Now, Fuku has a new CEO, Alex Muñoz-Suarez, who is eyeing more expansion, especially in East Coast cities such as Boston. Muñoz-Suarez, who was previously president of the whole Momofuku group but is now exclusively focusing on Fuku, hasn’t announced specific locations, opening timelines, or a potential number of locations yet.

“In my mind I see Fuku as a gateway to all of Momofuku,” Muñoz-Suarez told Eater NY. “I think our guests are a much more wider band of representation of America’s population than the guests you get in Ko or Ssäm Bar. I envision Fuku being the beginning of the introduction of who Dave Chang is and who Momofuku is.”

Fuku’s not just expanding location-wise; it’s expanding its menu, too, including more vegetarian options, despite its image as a fried chicken chain. For example, the Mumbai-inspired potato patty sandwich, vada pav, is proving popular at the Fuku location at New York’s new Hudson Yards development, and it’s on the Boston menu now, too.

Muñoz-Suarez is also planning to make changes on the service side, such as training employees as greeters who will answer questions from customers in line, hand out treats like slushies, etc.

New Fuku locations in the Boston area will add to an already-bustling fried chicken sandwich scene that just keeps growing. Stay tuned for updates.

Fuku fried chicken and fries
Fuku fried chicken and fries
Zack DeZon/Fuku

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