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A Shuttered Nonprofit Roxbury Bakery Is Making a Comeback

Haley House Bakery Cafe has been closed since January 2019, but a resurgence is on the horizon

Haley House Bakery Cafe
Haley House Bakery Cafe
Haley House/Official Site

A Roxbury bakery and cafe that temporarily closed in mid-January as its parent organization restructured will soon make a comeback. Haley House Bakery Cafe (12 Dade St., Boston) will reopen later this year, but not without community input first: The supervising Haley House organization is conducting a survey to learn what people want out of their local cafe, and the group will do its best to accommodate.

When it reopens, it will “still have great food, great people, and the vibe you love (and of course, [it’ll] have cookies),” according to a set of FAQs published in May 2019 on the Haley House website. The renewed cafe will practice open book management, which means that finances and other operational information will be accessible to the whole staff, who will receive relevant training in order to understand it. The hours and menu may be slightly different than before, but music and other events will likely start right back up quickly after the reopening.

Haley House Bakery Cafe has been closed since January 12. (Haley House also previously operated a Roxbury pizzeria, Dudley Dough, which closed at the end of 2017.) During the cafe and bakery’s hiatus, Haley House has continued its catering and wholesale businesses, as well as its Take Back the Kitchen cooking program. The decades-old nonprofit also runs a soup kitchen, food pantry, live-in community, and more.

Community members are welcome to participate in the organization’s survey regarding the bakery and cafe and can keep an eye open for its return around fall 2019.

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Haley House Bakery Cafe

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