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A Local Kolache Pop-Up Lands a Permanent Location

Breadboard Bakery has two more pop-ups at Cutty’s in Brookline before striking out on its own in Arlington

Five rows of Breadboard Bakery kolaches with various fillings sit on a baking sheet, dusted with powdered sugar
Breadboard Bakery kolaches
Breadboard Bakery/Instagram

Boston’s legacy of pop-ups-turned-permanent continues this week with the announcement that Breadboard Bakery, a three-year-old pop-up inside Brookline Village’s Cutty’s sandwich shop, will open a permanent location.

Breadboard’s creator, baker Daisy Chow (a Cutty’s cook who has also been working at Brookline’s Clear Flour Bread for nearly 15 years), has churned out countless kolaches over the past few years, making a name for the pastry in Brookline. Kolaches, with Czech roots and major popularity in Czech areas of Texas, are puffy dough rounds with fillings of fruit, cheese, or meat, and Chow’s versions have included fillings such as strawberry rhubarb, lime, poppy, cream cheese, and raspberry. But Chow’s repertoire hardly ends with kolaches: She also makes tarts and pies, mini cakes, cinnamon rolls, and chocolate “wacky cake.”

This will be the second Cutty’s pop-up to turn permanent: Cutty’s was the birthplace of Bagelsaurus, which now operates its own space in Cambridge and has taken on an incubator spirit of its own, playing host to Rabottini’s Pizza and Vinal Bakery, the latter of which has its own location now as well. (Rabottini’s had a months-long tenure in Lower Allston and is currently searching for a permanent spot.)

Breadboard Bakery will pop up at Cutty’s for the final two weekends in June before Chow moves on to set up her own operation in Arlington. She’ll be taking over the Commune Kitchen space at 203 Broadway after it closes in late June after three years in business.

Update, June 24, 2019: At the time of publication, Breadboard Bakery had not yet announced where it would be located. Commune Kitchen has since announced its upcoming closure and that Breadboard would take over the space. This piece has been updated throughout accordingly.

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