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More Bubble Tea for Boston as Tbaar Opens in Chinatown

There are now three Tbaar locations in the Boston area

32 Kneeland St., Boston
32 Kneeland St., Boston
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A New York-based tea bar with local stores in Brookline and Quincy just added a third in Boston’s Chinatown. TBaar (32 Kneeland St., Boston) took over the former Beantown Juice and Tea space and is now open, serving its lineup of bubble teas, matcha beverages, juices, and smoothies.

Tbaar operates dozens of locations across the country, with nearly 20 in New York. The chain came close to opening a location in Cambridge in 2016, but those plans did not materialize.

Chinatown’s store features a lineup of fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies as well as “shots” of wheatgrass, beet blends, ginger, and kale. Customers can choose the sweetness level of their beverages as well as the types of toppings, including fruit, tapioca balls, lychee jelly, and more. There are also fruit teas, bubble teas, lemonades, hot matcha lattes, and mille crepe cakes in matcha, mango, and durian flavors.

Tbaar joins a collection of beverage shops in Chinatown, including Kung Fu Tea, Tea Do, the just-opened Sweet Waffles & Boba, and Gong Cha, among others. While the previous rapid expansion of juice bars in the Greater Boston area has slowed, many remain across the region, including Carrot Flower and Juicygreens in Jamaica Plain, Energize in Brighton, and more.

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