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Cambridge Could Get a Vegan Beer Hall

Rewild, which popped up in Quincy temporarily, is raising money to build a permanent home in Central Square

Pizza and beer from Rewild
Pizza and beer from Rewild
Rewild/Official Site

A vegan cafe and beer hall that popped up in Quincy for much of 2018 now aims to open a massive permanent space in Cambridge’s Central Square, complete with an outdoor beer garden. Rewild founders Pat McAuley and Marissa Hughes have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise the final $200,000 of the close to $2 million they need to build out the beer hall.

McAuley and Hughes reportedly have a few sites in consideration for Rewild in Central Square, including roughly 4,700 square feet of space at 675 Massachusetts Ave., where Cambridge Community Television once operated. (From 2012 to 2014, this was also the proposed site of Prospect Lounge, which was meant to be a relocation and rebranding of the defunct All Asia club; Prospect Lounge never materialized.)

If all goes as planned, Rewild will function as a cafe, beer hall, and vegan restaurant, with a seasonal outdoor patio.

“My primary goal of the whole project is to just bring plant-based food in a social and fun way, specifically to the South Shore, but to Boston as well,” McAuley previously told Eater, when the team was gearing up for its Quincy debut.

During its pop-up in Quincy, Rewild served a fully vegan menu of pub fare, including pizzas, burgers, Buffalo wings, and tacos, and its cafe fare included coffee beverages and more. While Rewild had promoted itself primarily as a beer hall when the project was in the planning stages, its temporary Quincy location ended up coming with permitting caveats, and it could only serve alcohol during limited hours on specific days.

But at the planned permanent space in Central Square, Rewild will be able to fully realize its vegan beer hall dreams, continuing to serve its meat-free food menu along with beer and wine (and kombucha, too), while also featuring local musicians and artists.

Rewild aims to raise $200,000 by June 6.

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