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Nantucket Restaurant Team Will Bring Hot Pot to Boston’s Seaport

The Lola 41 team from Nantucket already has a restaurant in Boston’s Seaport District, Lola 42, and will add 111 East to the neighborhood this summer

King crab rangoon is available at Lola 41 and Lola 42
King crab rangoon is available at Lola 41 and Lola 42
Lola 42/Official Site

The team behind Lola 42, a two-year-old restaurant and sushi bar in Boston’s Seaport District, is planning to open another restaurant in the neighborhood. 111 East will open in June, according to a representative for the restaurant group, and it will be an Asian bistro and hot pot restaurant.

The restaurant will seat 70, and the interior will feature graffiti-style art painted by a local artist. Located at 11 Fan Pier Blvd., the restaurant will be next to Babbo and just around the corner from Lola 42.

111 East and Lola 42’s older siblings, Lola 41 and Lola Burger, are on Nantucket. Lola — stylized as LoLa — stands for “longitude latitude,” with 41 representing the 41st parallel north, the circle of longitude that passes through Nantucket. The menu draws upon cuisines from other regions on the 41st parallel, resulting in a collection of dishes ranging from sushi to Korean beef bulgogi to an “Asian inspired” tuna burger to a Bolognese. LoLa 42’s menu follows suit, and it sounds like 111 East’s menu will as well — plus hot pot.

While hot pot is fairly popular in and around Boston, it doesn’t yet have a presence in the Seaport District; it’s more commonly found in Allston or Chinatown. Stay tuned for an opening date for 111 East.

Update, July 1, 2019: 111 East will open on Friday, July 5.

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