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Ramen Burgers Are Coming to Allston

New York’s Moon & Flower House will open on Brighton Avenue, serving rice burgers, too

Ramen burger from Moon & Flower House
Ramen burger from Moon & Flower House
Moon & Flower House/Official Site

Yet another New York City-based restaurant will come to Boston, opening in the space at 110 Brighton Ave. in Allston that formerly housed Nextdoor Cafe. Moon & Flower House, a Chinese and barbecue restaurant with locations in Brooklyn and Queens, will bring an eclectic menu to Brighton Avenue, including burgers served on buns made of ramen or rice. (Boston doesn’t have much in the way of ramen or rice burgers, currently, aside from the Riceburg food truck, which serves the latter. Ki Bistro, which used to serve ramen burgers near Boston University, has closed.)

An employee at the Brooklyn location told Eater that the Boston restaurant plans to open in the next several weeks; it’s currently waiting on a final round of various inspections before the doors can open.

In addition to ramen and rice burgers, Moon & Flower House serves fried chicken; fruity slushes, teas, and juices; and a variety of desserts, including milkshakes.

Moon & Flower House Planning to Open in Former NextDoor Cafe Space in Allston [BRT]