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A New Back Bay Cafe Will Feature Tea Ice Cream and More

Egalitea Organic Cafe will also serve smoothies, bagels, and soups

Rendering for EgaliTea Organic Cafe
Rendering for EgaliTea Organic Cafe
EgaliTea Organic Cafe/Official Site

A cafe filled with tea, smoothies, and other cafe fare will make its way into Boston’s Back Bay this spring. Egalitea Organic Cafe (248 Newbury St.) plans to focus on healthy food with a side of environmental consciousness.

“We strive to serve foods and drinks that maximize the balance among people, social equity, and the environment,” the forthcoming cafe’s website reads.

As the name suggests, Egalitea will feature tea — a long list of hot and iced options, plus tea lattes and tea ice cream in flavors like Earl Grey and jasmine. There will also be yogurt bowls, chia bowls, acai bowls, and oatmeal, with choices of toppings that include nuts, fruits, and granola.

The cafe menu will also include bagels, soups, and smoothies. Ingredients will be organic and largely fair trade or kosher when possible, and Egalitea will use compostable and recyclable containers.

When it opens, EgaliTea could operate from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week.

EgaliTea Organic Cafe to Open in Boston’s Back Bay [BRT]
EgaliTea Organic Cafe [Official Site]