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Boston Is Getting More Nashville Hot Chicken

Hot Chix will bring fried chicken sandwiches to the city this summer

White trays in a restaurant kitchen are each topped with a Nashville hot chicken sandwich and sides
Fried chicken sandwiches
Hot Chix [Official Photo]

Boston can’t get enough fried chicken, and that’s a good thing, because more is coming soon. Alex Nystedt (former Sportello general manager), Will Yoo (owner of a pair of Charleys Philly Steaks franchises), and Alex Kim (general manager at Eventide Fenway) will open Hot Chix in Boston later this year.

The restaurant will focus on fried chicken — specifically the hot variety popular in Nashville — and will offer a variety of traditional Southern sides, like mac and cheese, coleslaw, and collard greens.

The plan for Hot Chix is a fast-casual spot that takes up about 1,000 square feet, Nystedt told Eater. The ownership trio is currently looking for a space in the Boston area, with eyes on Boston University, Berklee, Union Square, and Inman Square. They hope to be open sometime this summer.

“Boston has a lot of great Korean fried chicken, but it’s lacking in the Nashville hot style,” Nystedt told Eater. Nystedt noted that there are some restaurants doing good sit-down, full-service versions of Nashville hot chicken, but he and his partners want to offer Bostonians a quick-service option.

As they look for a space, the Hot Chix team plans to stage as many pop-ups as they can. Nystedt said that at a recent pop-up at Drink, they sold out of food in less than two hours. That menu featured a Nashville hot chicken sandwich, as well as a Southern fried chicken sandwich and “animal fries,” which are a nod to In-N-Out Burger’s beloved side dish.

Keep an eye out for Hot Chix this summer, but in the meantime, try to hit up a pop-up (watch social media for updates.) The team has one coming up at Orange Door Kitchen in Acton on May 2 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Make sure to get there early, though — the sandwiches will likely sell out quickly.

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