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A Taiwanese Dessert Chain Is Replacing Allston’s All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Spot

Meet Fresh will take over the space left vacant by Sushi Factory

Sushi Factory Allston
Sushi Factory is closed and will be replaced by a Taiwanese dessert chain, Meet Fresh
Terrence B. Doyle/Eater

Sushi Factory (140 Brighton Ave., Allston, Boston), an all-you-can-eat sushi shop that opened in late 2017, closed for renovations last month, along with its nearby sibling, Hi B3ar Ice, a rolled ice cream shop. But it turns out that Sushi Factory is not undergoing renovations after all — it is closed permanently, to be replaced by a Taiwanese dessert chain called Meet Fresh. A representative for Meet Fresh confirmed the news with Eater, estimating a June opening. However, no exact date has been set yet, and the buildout may affect the timeline.

sushi factory renovations
Sushi Factory was gutted soon after closing for renovations
Terrence B. Doyle/Eater

Meet Fresh serves Taiwanese desserts made with ingredients such as taro, herbal jelly, condensed milk, shaved ice, tofu, mung beans, and sweet potatoes. It also offers a selection of tea-based drinks.

Meet Fresh was founded in Taiwan in 2007 by a brother-and-sister duo. The chain has since expanded beyond Taiwan, with locations in the United States, China, Canada, Vietnam, and Japan. There are apparently more than 600 locations worldwide.

Eater has attempted to reach Sushi Factory and Hi B3ar owner Ying Huang (who is also behind Mala Restaurant in Allston, which remains open) to see if the arrival of Meet Fresh will affect the planned reopening of Hi B3ar. However, Allston has long been quite a successful neighborhood for Asian dessert shops, including Teamoji, C Fruit Life, Sweet Kingdom, Nextdoor Cafe, and more.

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