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By design, news tends to focus on what’s, well, new. Scroll through any website or publication that centers around restaurant news, Eater Boston included, and you’ll see plenty of updates on the newest restaurant openings, but it’s a bit harder to find an ode to the decades-old neighborhood bar or a profile of that restaurant on the corner that has been satisfying locals for years.

Those older establishments deserve love — and dining dollars — as well. This guide serves as a growing archive of Eater Boston features and maps that highlight classic Boston-area spots, from a hotel restaurant that has been around for well over a century and birthed several iconic Boston dishes to comfortable pubs that make up the backbone of Boston’s live music scene.

How to navigate this guide: A few of our most recent features are highlighted in the photo blocks near the top of the page, while the full list of stories contained in this archive are broken into various categories between those photo blocks and this text. The “Still Going Strong” sections contain features on restaurants that remain in operation in and around Boston; “Gone but Not Forgotten” highlights restaurants that are no longer with us; “Maps” and “Photo Essays” contain maps and photo-driven features pertaining to classic Boston dining destinations; and the “Miscellaneous” section includes everything else, from interviews with Massachusetts native comedians to a profile of a neighborhood market with a sneakily good wine selection.

Got an old favorite that deserves some attention? Reach out to us at to let us know.