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A Swanky Waterfront Hotel Is Down a Sushi Restaurant

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Sushi-Teq has closed at the Intercontinental

Sushi-Teq roll and cocktails
Sushi-Teq roll and cocktails

Sushi-Teq (510 Atlantic Ave., Boston), a sushi-focused restaurant at the Intercontinental Hotel on Boston’s waterfront, has officially closed permanently after a seemingly temporary hiatus that began at the end of December. As of now, the restaurant reportedly does not have a replacement waiting in the wings.

The restaurant was one of several dining options within the Intercontinental Hotel, which still includes French brasserie Miel, rum bar Rumba, and vodka bar Vodkaba. Sushi-Teq served a selection of cocktails, wines, sake, and beer alongside a varied menu dominated by seafood. Among lunch bento boxes, ceviche, maki rolls, and a long list of nigiri and sashimi offerings, the restaurant ran the gamut of sushi options and more.

Now, those who find themselves in the downtown area seeking sushi could try Pabu, O Ya, or Ruka instead.

Stay tuned for details on what may replace Sushi-Teq within the Intercontinental.

Sushi-Teq at The Intercontinental Hotel in Boston Has Closed [BRT]

Sushi Teq

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