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Sisters Crowdfund Restaurant in Cambridge

The Faraway could operate in Cambridgeport

Sample spreads from the Faraway Kickstarter campaign
Sample spreads from the Faraway Kickstarter campaign
The Faraway/Kickstarter

Two sisters are teaming up to launch a restaurant in Cambridge. Danielle Pattavina and Neela Ryan have successfully funded a project on Kickstarter and will move forward with plans to open the Faraway this upcoming summer.

The Faraway will focus on New American cuisine, offering small plates and brunch, along with a bar program.

“We aim to be an extension for the community, hosting pop-ups with chefs around the world, neighborhood-centered dinners and a place to gather regularly,” the Kickstarter page reads. The sisters are pursuing a restaurant in an area of Cambridge near Central Square, but a location has not been confirmed.

Pattavina and Ryan will combine their collective business and hospitality experience for the Faraway, which is named in honor of Georgia O’Keefe, who used the term as a signature in letters. The sisters will collaborate with a local builder to design and construct the space. Funds raised will go towards refurbishing the kitchen floor and building out an all-access bathroom, and towards purchasing tables, chairs, a bar top, and various kitchen and bar equipment. They also plan to invest in a jukebox for the restaurant.

Eater has reached out for more details on the Faraway and will share any updates as new information becomes available.

Update: 2/25, 4:45 p.m.: This story has been updated to reflect that a location for the Faraway has not yet been confirmed.

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