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More Bubble Tea for Brighton Area as Quincy Shop Aims for Expansion

Vivi Bubble Tea plans to open on Washington Street

Vivi Bubble Tea in Quincy
Vivi Bubble Tea’s location in Quincy
Vivi Bubble Tea/Facebook

A stronghold for bubble tea in the Boston area will soon get even stronger, as a Taiwanese bubble tea shop with dozens of locations across the U.S. prepares to move into the neighborhood. Vivi Bubble Tea plans to open a storefront in Brighton, moving into a space at 364 Washington St. and operating from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m., according to a licensing board agenda for the City of Boston.

With a high concentration of shops in the New York area and even more scattered around the country, Vivi Bubble Tea is no stranger to the Boston area: a location opened in 2015 in Quincy (389 Hancock St.), near the North Quincy MBTA stop. An employee reached at the shop this week confirmed the proposed expansion to Brighton. Vivi is scheduled for a city licensing hearing on February 20.

Vivi Bubble Tea offers a selection of signature beverages, from a red bean matcha tea to an Earl Grey float, and there are fruit teas, milk teas, and various slushes available as well.

In Brighton, Vivi will be situated near several longtime food and beverage establishments like Cafenation, Athan’s Bakery, Esperia Grill, and the Green Briar. It will be a short distance from a concentration of bubble tea purveyors in Allston, including Gong Cha, NextDoor Cafe, Kung Fu Tea, Teamoji, and LimeRed Tea House. Stay tuned for details on an opening timeline for Vivi Bubble Tea.

Vivi Bubble Tea [Official Site]