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The Most Bizarre Search Terms That Brought You Weirdos to Eater Boston in 2019

You were searching for...what?!

Stock photo of a chef threatening a raw chicken with knives. The chicken is standing up on a cutting board and also brandishing a utensil.
“order the chicken you steak hating”
Frantisek Czanner/Shutterstock

Oh dear. We’ve reached the end of the year, and the end of Eater Boston’s year-end stories and maps, which means one thing: the return of the annual collection of bizarre search terms that led readers to Eater Boston over the course of the year.

We dug deep into the depths of our Google Analytics, where we saw a few things that made us want to bleach our eyeballs; we backed up a bit and found some search terms that apparently dropped readers onto our virtual doorstep this year despite being nonsense, poorly phrased, off-topic, or otherwise weird.

[sic] throughout. (And sick, in some cases.)

For more year-end stories, check this page. For more bizarre search terms, check out the round-ups from 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014.

  • 1980 breakfast meat
  • 40 items we should eat daily
  • annoying indtagram captions
  • boston bar smask wreck baseball bat
  • boston iron maiden bar
  • branding is tough
  • cheap and cheerful boston
  • FOMO fenway park\
  • girls for hire to sing karaoke in boston
  • golfen egg for sale
  • hd egg dish wallpaper
  • hippo restaurant in boston mass
  • how to tie laces straight bar
  • if e bos some go delete
  • imploration literary definition
  • intimate and naughty things to do in boston
  • is it proper to ask to have your filet mignon butterflied and cooked well done?
  • jenga donkey kong
  • jennifer lawrence in heels
  • jfk favorite color
  • katchup on sushi comidian
  • limitations of coq
  • maybe this is better
  • moist steak well done
  • Monica devours
  • Monster Eater Mean
  • naughty construction ladies
  • order the chicken you steak hating
  • pastries with a penis
  • places to eat boston kids
  • what did jfk eat for lunch
  • what is better for you a spaghetti meat sauce or a hamburger

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