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Red leather high-top seats are lined up at a bar with a carnival vibe. On the ceiling, lines of light bulbs are radiating out from the center of the bar.
One of two bars at Flight Club’s Boston location
Rachel Leah Blumenthal/Eater

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Here’s a Look Inside the Carnival-Like Venue Bringing a Darts Extravaganza to the Seaport

Flight Club opens on December 16

The centuries-old game of darts gets a bit of a new spin at Flight Club, opening Monday, December 16, in Boston’s Seaport District (60 Seaport Blvd., in the same building as bowling hot spot Kings). This is the second United States location for the UK-based chain of dart-focused bars and restaurants, which arrived in Chicago in mid-2018, and US locations are operated by Social Entertainment Ventures, which is also behind chains of mini golf bars and ping-pong bars.

It feels appropriate that it’s located next to Kings as it turns darts into an activity akin to bowling (or ax-throwing) — groups rent a lane called an oche, which rhymes with hockey. In the non-Flight Club darts world, the word refers specifically to the throw line, but at Flight Club, it’s the whole dart-throwing area, and it’s available for half-hour or hour-long blocks for $15 or $30 respectively. Players can choose from a variety of games, which are scored automatically, and order food and drinks right to the oche. There’s a snack-y menu meant for sharing, with dishes like fried clam bellies with bouillabaisse aioli and chorizo spice; yuzu guacamole with corn nut crunch, jalapeno powder, and tortilla chips; and tandoori chicken skewers with mango chutney and spiced yogurt.

Unlike the Chicago location’s garden-party vibe, the new Boston location takes after the chain’s Manchester location with a British Victorian fairground feel, full of carnival touches, including a carousel horse and whimsical art. There are more modern details, too, such as bare lightbulbs throughout that pulse in time with the venue’s music. Alex Hobocienski of HT Creative designed the Boston location; keep reading for a peek inside the expansive space, which can fit 100 people at high-top tables throughout. There are 11 oches and two full bars as well.

When Flight Club opens in Boston next week, it will operate from noon to midnight Monday through Thursday, noon to 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday, and noon to 10 p.m. Sunday. Oches can be reserved up to a couple weeks in advance online.

Here’s a look inside:

Two darts-playing areas with wooden accents, bare lightbulbs, and digital screens
A red sign that says “check-in” in Victorian-inspired writing is visible backwards in a gold-rimmed mirror on a wall with a patterned gold wallpaper
Closeup of a carousel horse against a maroon wallpaper with pale pink flowers
Two areas of dart-playing are visible, as well as a hightop table with green stools and a floor-to-ceiling window covered with smaller mock windows of stained glass
Closeup detail of mock windows made of stained glass, hanging on an actual window
A trophy case with a blurred bar and lights visible in the back and reflecting in the glass of the case
Two lanes of dart-playing are visible, as well as a leather booth nearby and a bar in the background.
Portrait of a Boston terrier blowing bubbles out of  a pipe and wearing old-fashioned human clothes. The portrait has an elaborate gold frame.
Portrait of a chickadee with human arms, wearing a Victorian-style dress and holding a dart. The portrait has an elaborate gold frame and is hung on floral wallpaper.
Interior of a restaurant featuring a variety of Victorian-inspired artwork. One wall has dark floral wallpaper. There’s a decorative black wire bicycle covered with flowers and ivy parked against a wall.
The interior of a restaurant features a carousel horse, floral mauve and pink wallpaper, a portrait of a half-woman/half-bird playing darts, and hightop tables.
Portrait of a parakeet with human arms wearing a Victorian-style dress and holding an umbrella
Portrait of a man in Victorian-style dress playing darts and holding a copper mug
A corner of a restaurant, with one wall featuring dark floral wallpaper and another featuring colorful tiles. The tiled wall is covered with old street lamps. A hightop table sits in the corner, and a nook leads to the restrooms.
Framed covers from darts-themed magazines hang on a wall, including one called Bull’s Eye that features Bob Sinnaeve
A colorful carnival-inspired drink menu stands up on a table with a dartboard visible in the background
Interior of a restaurant featuring lanes for dart-playing, high-top tables, and green leather booths
Three framed images of flowers hang on floral wallpaper in shades of green, yellow, gold, and brown
A portrait of a man in a purple jacket, green-and-yellow-checkered vest, bowtie, purple top hat with flowers, and sunglasses poses, holding darts, next to a gold trophy
A wooden bar is visible in a room with high-top tables, two dart-playing areas, and green leather booths
A carnival-inspired mural with a carousel, Ferris wheel, and people in Victorian dress.

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