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A Sichuan Hot Pot Chain From China Will Open Its First American Location in Boston

Shu DaXia plans to open in the space currently occupied by Scoozi

An ornate glass goose sits on a table, surrounded by food and garnishes. The goose doubles as a bowl and is filled with goose intestines.
Goose intestines served in a glass goose at Shu DaXia
Shu DaXia/Official Website

Boston is getting another hot pot chain: Shu DaXia, which is based in Chengdu City in the Sichuan province of China, plans to open in Kenmore Square in the space currently occupied by Scoozi (580 Commonwealth Ave., Boston), an Italian restaurant in the heart of Boston University’s campus.

Scoozi is petitioning the city to transfer its liquor license to Shu DaXia, and the licensing board will approve or deny the petition when it meets on November 20. (A plan for a forthcoming Downtown Crossing location of Tasty Burger will also be evaluated at that meeting.)

Shu DaXia has franchises in Australia, Japan, and Malaysia, along with its Chinese company-owned properties, according to its website. The planned Boston location appears to be the chain’s first American expansion.

Shu DaXia’s online menu includes items such as pork ribs, tripe, goose intestine, and shaved beef. It’s unclear at the moment what will feature on the menu at the Kenmore Square location.

It is also unclear when Scoozi will close. Eater has reached out to the restaurant and will update this article as more details become available. Scoozi closed its Newbury Street location in 2017; that space is now occupied by Serafina.

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