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The Shojo and Ruckus Team Will Continue Its Chinatown Takeover With Another Restaurant

The unnamed new venture will join Shojo, BLR by Shojo, and Ruckus in the neighborhood in the spring

A white bowl with a thick, ink-like swoosh of black around the rim is filled with spicy miso ramen, including corn, bean sprouts, and egg, and other ingredients.
Ramen at Ruckus, which will be big sibling and upstairs neighbor to the new restaurant
Rachel Leah Blumenthal/Eater

Brian Moy — who owns Chinatown trio Shōjō, Ruckus, and BLR by Shōjō, as well as a new Shōjō outpost at Logan Airport — will open a new restaurant at 7 Tyler St., Boston (underneath Ruckus) in spring 2020, he announced today. The restaurant group’s executive chef since mid-2017, Mike Stark (an alum of Toro and Tiger Mama), will also oversee this one.

As Moy’s Chinatown presence grows, it adds to a family legacy: His father’s restaurant, the decades-old dim sum palace China Pearl, is next to Shōjō. Plus, Moy took over his father’s Ho Yuen Ting and turned it into BLR (Best Little Restaurant) by Shōjō in 2016.

While Moy, Stark, and their team aren’t announcing a name or other details on the new restaurant yet, their existing spots draw upon various aspects of Asian cuisine, with Shōjō serving modern Asian small plates and killer cocktails; Ruckus serving fast-casual noodle bowls; and BLR serving takes on classic dishes like mapo tofu, duck mooshu, and lionhead meatballs.

Stay tuned for updates on the unnamed new project as it approaches its planned spring 2020 opening. In the meantime, here are 21 excellent Chinatown restaurants to visit.

Ruckus Noodles

5 Tyler St., Boston, MA 02111


9A Tyler Street, , MA 02111 (617) 482-8887 Visit Website

BLR by Shojo

13-13A Hudson Street, , MA 02111 (617) 338-4988 Visit Website