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Turkish and Mexican Food Will Combine Forces at New Charlestown Restaurant

The owner of Ali Baba and El Triunfo is planning a new restaurant near Sullivan Square, and it’ll combine the cuisines of its big siblings

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Charlestown is getting a combination Turkish-Mexican joint
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The restaurateur behind a South End duo of neighboring restaurants — Turkish-leaning Mediterranean restaurant Ali Baba (145 E Berkeley St., Boston) and Mexican restaurant El Triunfo (147 E Berkeley St., Boston) — will open a new restaurant in Charlestown that serves both cuisines. A poster in the Friends of Boston’s Hidden Restaurants Facebook group brought the news to light, and an El Triunfo employee confirmed the news to Eater.

The new restaurant, which will take the Ali Baba name, is planned for 100 Cambridge St., Charlestown, which is a block away from Sullivan Station. It is opening “soon,” per the El Triunfo employee.

The original Ali Baba and El Triunfo are both known for being open late at night (as late as 4:30 a.m., according to their respective websites). Ali Baba specializes in Turkish food as well as other Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes, such as kofte, shish kebab, doner kebab, and ishkembe, which is a Turkish tripe soup.

El Triunfo is known for its Mexican street food, such as burritos, flautas, quesadillas, and tacos, along with a variety of Salvadoran dishes. El Triunfo used to operate a second location in the North End, but it closed in 2012.

The new restaurant will serve food from both menus — so, a mix of Turkish and Mexican dishes, not dishes that fuse the two cuisines. Stay tuned for updates on an opening date.

El Triunfo Closes North End Location [EBOS]

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