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Boston’s Naughtiest Bakery Moves to an Online-Only Operation

Sweet-N-Nasty has closed its nearly 20-year-old storefront but remains in operation online, with a couple local pickup options and delivery available

At an adult bakery, ghost-shaped chocolates with penises are wrapped in plastic, with a sign that says “happy Halloweenie”
Sweet-N-Nasty chocolates
Rachel Leah Blumenthal/Eater

A bakery that’s plied the Boston area with erotic cakes and naughty treats for nearly 40 years has bowed out of the Back Bay neighborhood, but fans of Sweet-N-Nasty’s R-rated baked goods need not worry: The bakery lives on as an online-only operation, with a few local pickup options.

Owner Niki Novak operated Sweet-N-Nasty at 90 Massachusetts Ave. in Back Bay for about 18 years, with prior locations in Allston, the Financial District, and South Station. The original Sweet-N-Nasty opened in Allston in the early 1980s, and Novak has since crafted custom erotic cakes, chocolates, and other baked goods for countless bachelorette parties, birthdays, and other occasions.

The Sweet-N-Nasty shop on Mass. Ave. was packed full of erotic paraphernalia, from penis straws and piñatas to breast-shaped chocolate lollipops, inflatable appendages, and cookie cutters. Novak’s creations are known for their realistic characteristics, made as detailed or tame as customers want.

“Some people will say, ‘I don’t want it too dirty,’” Novak previously told Eater. “So maybe it’s a butt. Maybe it’s a butt with little daisy dukes on it. For other people, maybe it’s a big vagina. You’ve got to steer the clientele to what they’re looking for.”

Now that she’s moved operations fully online, Novak has partnered with Back Bay Florist (Sweet-N-Nasty’s neighbor, also at 90 Massachusetts Ave.) and the Casual Cup Cafe (911 Washington St., Braintree), where customers can pick up custom cake orders in person. There’s also a direct delivery option for an extra fee. Sweet-N-Nasty’s chocolates have also migrated to the online shop, with dozens of festive options ready to ship.

Novak owns the Mass. Ave. space, a commercial condominium, so this isn’t an issue of the ever-increasing rents in Back Bay and beyond; it’s unclear why she decided to close up the physical shop, but this story will be updated if more information becomes available.

In the meantime, stock up on boob ghost pops for Halloween — and, if you’re not at work or in a public place, take a spin through Eater’s 2016 photo-filled feature on Sweet-N-Nasty.

A cake with white frosting topped with a pair of breasts covered in blue frosting with script that reads “breast wishes”
Sweet-N-Nasty cake
Rachel Leah Blumenthal/Eater

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