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Smoked Seafood-Packed Bagel Towers Arrive in Back Bay

Sidell’s Bagel Bar is operating on weekends inside Met Back Bay

Cut bagels sit in a basket alongside a tower of toppings including red onion, cucumbers, and tomatoes, with an open-faced bagel topped with cream cheese and salmon sitting on a plate nearby
A spread from Met Back Bay’s new weekend bagel menu
Sidell’s Bagel Bar [Official Photo]

It’s a good time for bagels in the Boston area: Goldilox Bagels, which opened a couple weeks ago in Medford, has been seeing long lines every day it’s open. Now a new bagel spot is joining the fun. Bagel towers with all the fixings will burst into Back Bay, debuting on the lower floor of longtime neighborhood restaurant Met Back Bay (279 Dartmouth St.), which will roll out a weekend bagel bar starting Saturday, October 5, delivering towering piles of smoked salmon, schmears, and vegetables.

The new addition is named Sidell’s Bagel Bar after Kathy Sidell, the founder of the Met Restaurant Group, which also includes popular seafood spot Saltie Girl (and its Time Out Market Boston offshoot) and more. (Saltie Girl also gets into the bagel game, sort of, with a “bagelette” served with smoked fish and fixings.)

The bagel bar menu will give diners an option for choosing how many plain, everything, or sesame bagels they’d like, with plenty of accoutrements. There will be plain cream cheese available, or choices for optional mix-ins, including jalapeno, scallion, everything mix, truffle conserva, harissa, and maple, among others.

The menu also includes selections of vegetables (cucumbers, red onion, tomato, avocado, caper berries, and watermelon radishes) and smoked fish, including various preparations of salmon, whitefish salad, and peppered mackerel. The final add-ons to top these decadent breakfast platters include salmon roe, sheet egg, or hard boiled egg.

In addition to the smoked fish bagel towers, the new bagel bar menu will include various egg and bagel sandwiches, coffee, juice, and cocktails.

Sidell’s Bagel Bar menu will be available Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the lower level of the Met Back Bay restaurant.

Met Back Bay [Official Site]

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