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Popular Dive Bar Returns to Beacon Hill

The neighborhood’s namesake pub is back in business

Beacon Hill Pub
Beacon Hill Pub
Beacon Hill Pub/Facebook

One of Boston’s best-loved dive bars reopens this week, ending a drought in the neighborhood. Beacon Hill Pub (149 Charles St.) makes its grand return on Friday, January 25, under new ownership.

The pub began its temporary closure in October last year, following its change in ownership. The Greater Boston Bar Co. purchased the building housing the pub in 2018, along with other classic dives: the Tam (222 Tremont St.) in Boston’s Theater District, Sullivan’s Tap (168 Canal St.) in the West End, and Mary Ann’s in Cleveland Circle. Both the Tam and Sullivan’s Tap also closed briefly but reopened on December 31.

Now, it’s time for Beacon Hill Pub to make its return as well, and it will exhibit minimal changes, as the new managers previously promised it would maintain the “character and charm” regulars have grown to love through the years.

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Beacon Hill Pub

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