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Mission Hill Is Getting a Board Game Bar

Tavern of Tales will offer immersive board games and beer from local breweries

tavern of tales
The space that will be occupied by Tavern of Tales

Mission Hill is getting a board game bar. Tavern of Tales (1478 Tremont St., Boston, near the Roxbury Crossing T stop) will offer an immersive board gaming experience, featuring games that include sound effects, music, and narration, according to the bar’s operations director, Christy Henry.

The bar is the first of its kind, per Henry, and it was the “brainchild of the owner, Nicholas Chen, who developed the idea during his time at Boston University.” Chen is a sound designer by trade.

“Focusing on board games, we select games that lend themselves to enhancement through development of existing storylines or creating our own,” Henry told Eater. “So we won’t be offering every board game that’s out there in the world, but what we do offer will be enhanced. We will also stock a number of non-sound-enhanced games to be played in the bar area.”

Tavern of Tales is currently in the process of applying for a beer, wine, and cordials license, and the team intends to focus its beer menu around small, local breweries. They also hope to feature food from local restaurants.

“We are looking to offer pastries, sandwiches, and other bites from local bakeries and eateries,” said Henry. “In addition we will be doing some cooking in-house.”

Tavern of Tales plans to open this spring, Henry said, and the team is hoping to stay open until 1 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Elsewhere in and around Boston, there are a few other board game-focused venues — although without the added sound design — such as Knight Moves, which has locations in Brookline and Somerville, and the recently opened Adventure Pub in Arlington.

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