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Xi’an-Style Hand-Pulled Noodles Land in Downtown Crossing Food Court

Xi’an Rougamo serves noodles and meat sandwiches

The Corner Mall food court
The Corner Mall food court
The Corner Mall/Facebook

A Downtown Crossing food court has added a new vendor to its lineup: Xi’an Rougamo opened in late December at the Corner Mall (417 Washington St., Boston), adding to Boston’s small selection of restaurants serving the food of China’s Shaanxi province, of which Xi’an is the capital.

The restaurant takes the Rougamo part of its name from the English transliteration of a word that refers to a hamburger-like meat sandwich from Xi’an, generally consisting of chopped meat in a bun that roughly resembles pita. Various versions grace the menu of the new restaurant, with fillings such as cumin lamb, pork stew, and spicy pork.

Xi’an Rougamo also serves hand-pulled noodles and a variety of other noodle- and rice-based dishes, along with bubble tea and smoothies.

Xi’an Rougamo joins a handful of other Boston restaurants serving Xi’an-style hand-pulled noodles and rougamo. Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Cafe (86 Bedford St., Boston) — a mainstay on Eater Boston’s map of 38 essential restaurants — is perhaps the best known, but there’s also a year-old spot in Allston, Xi’an Street Foods (182 Brighton Ave., Boston), that is part of a China-based chain. Meanwhile, popular New York chain Xi’an Famous Foods has been eyeing Boston for expansion since 2012, but a location has not yet materialized.

Xi’an Rougamo [Menu]