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Kamakura’s Kaiseki Is a ‘Two-Hour Parade of Luxury’ for One Critic

A review of the new Downtown sushi compound

Brian Pu Ruiz

“There’s the Coup We’ve Been Waiting for!”

This week in reviews, MC Slim JB checks out Kamakura for the Improper Bostonian. The Japanese restaurant offers a handful of dining experiences, including a la carte menus and a 10-course tasting menu for $156. On one visit, Slim opts for a la carte, sampling the tofu and sea urchin appetizer and the “crisp and slightly sweet” pickled seasonal vegetables. An eggplant dish comes with a “vibrant spicy miso,” while the persimmon tempura is “exquisitely ripe” and skillfully fried, Slim writes. He also praises the quality of the apple-marinated lamb chops cooked on a robata grill.

Kamakura’s sushi menu has several options: Slim writes that the craft sashimi freestyle showcases “fine knifework and two usefully contrasting dips,” but it “feels meager” in terms of portion size. Meanwhile, the nigiri is “beautifully cut and seasoned,” and there is “no soy sauce provided, none needed.” He also tackles the 10-course kaiseki, which feels like an indulgence but delivers a “two-hour parade of luxury” of delicate wagyu, surimi fish cake, and “outstanding” nigiri.

Overall, Slim writes, “Kamakura deserves a spot in the firmament of Boston’s better mid-high Japanese restaurants.”

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