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Haley House Non-Profit Will Close Its Bakery, at Least Temporarily

The organization is trying to figure out how to make the bakery business sustainable

Haley House Bakery pastries
Haley House Bakery pastries
Haley House Bakery Cafe/Facebook

A storied community organization that’s been around for more than 50 years will close its bakery and cafe in Roxbury in an attempt to reorganize and reopen it with prolonged sustainability. Haley House Bakery Cafe (12 Dade St., Boston) closes on Saturday, January 12. A statement from the organization indicates that changes to the surrounding neighborhood have impacted business, resulting in losses that the bakery “cannot sustain indefinitely.” This comes a little over a year after Haley House closed its Roxbury pizzeria, Dudley Dough.

In the time off, the Haley House organizers will strategize ways to make the cafe sustainable.

“Our renewal efforts will focus on the most productive way to continue serving the Roxbury community while building on the Cafe’s legacy of vibrant, community-driven programming and supportive employment opportunities,” the statement read.

In the meantime, Haley House will continue its catering, wholesale, and Take Back the Kitchen cooking program, and it will reopen the bakery temporarily on February 10 for its famed Souper Bowl fundraiser. The employees who were terminated as a result of this decision will receive pay through February 1.

The cafe is just one arm of the decades-old non-profit, which also runs a soup kitchen, food pantry, live-in community, and more.

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