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Davis Square Is Getting Another Bar in the Old Joshua Tree Space

Elm Street Taproom to fill the void left by the popular college bar

Five Horses Tavern, Davis Square
Five Horses Tavern in Davis Square
Five Horses Tavern/Facebook

Davis Square is getting a new bar and restaurant: The Elm Street Taproom is set to fill the space left vacant by the Joshua Tree at 256 Elm St., Somerville, confirms a representative with Hawkeye Hospitality. The group manages both Five Horses Tavern locations, along with Worden Hall. (The original Five Horses Tavern is located minutes away from the future Elm Street Taproom, also in Davis Square, and there’s a newer one in Boston’s South End. Worden Hall is in South Boston.)

“At the moment, we’re still working on the details of our menus, design, and concept,” said the group’s beverage and media director, Ira Vogel, via email. “We are excited to continue to serve our local community and look forward to creating a new addition to Davis Square.”

The Joshua Tree, which was popular with the college crowd, shuttered in Davis Square in June. Around the same time, the team behind the restaurant requested its liquor license be transferred to a business called Elm Street Tap Room.

Vogel didn’t provide an opening timeline or menu details, but keep an eye out for progress as you stroll down Elm Street. The group is known for serving a substantial beer list at Five Horses Tavern — likewise, with whiskey, at Worden Hall.

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