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Back Bay Loses a Burger Restaurant

5 Napkin Burger has closed its only location in the city

5 Napkin Burger burger and fries
5 Napkin Burger burger and fries
5 Napkin Burger/Facebook

A full-service Back Bay burger restaurant with ties to New York has closed down. The Prudential Center’s 5 Napkin Burger (105 Huntington Ave., Back Bay) recently shuttered after seven years in business, leaving a farewell message for visitors on its website.

“We have enjoyed every minute of our time in Boston,” the note read. “Unfortunately, our run has come to an end and we are now closed. We are sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment this causes.”

The message went on to invite customers to visit other 5 Napkin locations in New York City, of which there are are four. Boston’s 5 Napkin Burger served more than a dozen burgers (including turkey, veggie, and Impossible burgers), as well as Salisbury steak, chicken kebabs, a poke bowl, and more. Plus, it was a great spot for Boston’s version of happy hour (food deals, but no booze deals) with a generous after-work and later-night schedule full of cheap sliders and other snacks.

The closure of 5 Napkin Burger comes a week after Brasserie Jo announced its impending closure just across the street. (The French restaurant, located on the ground level of the Colonnade Hotel, will close down in early October as the hotel prepares for a redesign.)

Stay tuned for details on what may replace 5 Napkin Burger in the Prudential Center.

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5 Napkin Burger

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