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A New Cafe and Baking Supply Store Will Mill Its Own Grain in East Cambridge

Elmendorf Baking Supplies & Cafe will open this fall in the former Petsi Pies space

Elmendorf Baking
Frangipane tart with figs and blackberries
Elmendorf Baking Supplies/Facebook

A forthcoming baking supply business has secured a storefront in East Cambridge: Elmendorf Baking Supplies took over the recently vacated Petsi Pies space at 594 Cambridge St., and owners Teddy and Alyssa Applebaum plan to open their cafe and retail shop there sometime this fall.

The Applebaums — both Formaggio Kitchen alums — want Elmendorf to fill multiple roles for the community, according to Teddy Applebaum. For one, the shop will mill grain onsite using both familiar and hard-to-find grains from local farms to suit customers’ needs. It will also provide classes and baking demonstrations, in addition to selling other ingredients and assorted baking equipment.

“Our goal is to become the center of Boston’s baking community and home for people who geek out about grain,” Teddy Applebaum told Eater in an email.

In the coming weeks, the Applebaums plan to finalize the menu for the cafe portion of Elmendorf, which will include pastries, sandwiches, and other items that make use of local grains. Look out for more menu details closer to the opening.

Elmendorf takes its name from the bakery that Alyssa Applebaum’s great-great-grandparents owned in Germany. The Applebaums raised funds for the business through Kickstarter and have recently popped up at local establishments like Lamplighter and Boston Public Market, serving items like waffles, pop-tarts, and pies.

They’ve also been working with local illustrator Nick Canton on logo design and product labels. Prior to their work on Elmendorf, Alyssa and Teddy Applebaum worked together at Formaggio, where she baked and ran the front bakery and he did barbecue. Together, they briefly ran a Liege-style waffle stand called Back Bakery Waffles at the Somerville Flea, and Alyssa has also baked bread for Clear Flour in Brookline, while Teddy cooked at Oleana in Cambridge.

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Update, 11/12, 12:00 p.m.: Elmendorf Baking Supplies & Cafe is now open, serving coffee beverages, teas, and pastries from A&J King Artisan Bakers in Salem.

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